We are a group of fully licensed psychologists, mental health professionals,  
and psychiatrists offering mental health services to individuals of all ages and

Through our association, we can provide comprehensive services to a
wide-range of clients, both children and adults.  We enjoy strong relationships
with a number of medical professionals, such as primary care physicians, 
neurologists and other psychiatrists.  We are a Patient-Centered Medical
Home provider committed to communicating with primary care physicians to
coordinate your care.

We often work together to provide treatment for a child, adolescent, or family as
a whole. We also work closely with area school administrators, social workers
and teachers to coordinate an effective and comprehensive treatment plan
when educational issues are a significant concern.

Associated Psychologists PLC was established in 1999. However, many of us
have practiced together for a number of years prior in the area.

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Associated Psychologists, PLC
St. Clair Shores, MI